To start off our services in May 2018 I qualified with SmartBreeder my level 3 microchipping (for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Ferrets, Rats, and Guinea pigs).

In hopes to make our services stress-free, we offer most of our services at your own home. Theirs no need to take your pets or litters anywhere.

Please note it is Law from April 2016 to have your dogs chipped. 
This includes breeders chipping them before they leave them.

I will implant after 6 weeks of age but I advise you book your requested dates in advance.

We use Micro, mini and standard sized chips.

SOON to stock GPS chips.


In October 2018 we added our next service. 

I qualified in Level 1 Ultrasounds (for Cats and Dogs), completing my course also with SmartBreeder.

Again I offer this service at your home, for a quicker and stress-free experience. 

I can scan your pet from 35 days to give a clearer and truer count of how many to expect. If you scan before this point their is a higher chance the sacs can still be absorbed by the mother. At 35 days the bone starts to form making it less likely and images can be clearer.

*Please note I am not a vet, If i suspect Pyometra or any other issues I am within my right to request you take your dog to the vet and can not be held responsible if you do not follow this advice.*