Minneys’ Chihuahuas - Kamroschis

Why choose us?

Apart from very cute pups, we pride ourselves on producing happy, healthy, well balanced chihuahuas with fantastic temperaments. 

All our Chihuahuas are well-loved family pets, first and foremost.

All our puppies are raised in our family home in a lovely environment, around our children, other dogs and our cats. This teaches our puppies important life skills such as playing, free feeding, using pads, then graduating to outside toileting, and social skills with other animals and people. 

They are also well socialized with friends and family and will be used to usual household and environmental noises.

The pups are toilet and crate trained from as little as 3 weeks. They will be used to walking on different surfaces, indoors and outdoors, this includes the starting of harness/lead training when possible.

All of our puppies are very happy and playful. Examples can be found on our social media accounts, Instagram and Facebook, where we post regular photos. 

Toilet training is a huge focus here. Puppy pads and artificial grass is used from the time they are walking but we try to encourage them to go outside as soon as possible. Most pups pick up on going outside quite quickly by the breed is known for trying their luck when it comes to the colder/wetter days, so you will still have the security of knowing they are pad trained aswell.

Persistence and guidance is the key to keeping young puppies on the right path, especially when it comes to new environments.

Lifetime support

Throughout your Chihuahuas life we will be on hand to support with any questions.

We have built a network with all our chihuahua owners. You can see exclusive pictures and videos of your pup from the moment you reserve. Watch them grow day by day before you collect your pup.

In the group you will also see regular updates from our other owners.

They also share a lot of advice, from training techniques to recommend dog companies and holidays.