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Our stud and the service you can expect.

Please contact me as soon as your girl starts her season to ensure your booked in and prevent disappointment.

We are happy to board your girl for an extra fee as we understand other commitments and travelling can cause issues and may clash with when your girls fertility window.  Please ask for more info in advance.

Although we do stud out to the public we still wish to comply with KC regulations and only stud to purebred chihuahuas ONLY!!!

The KC now allow inter-variety matings, which means Smooth Coated Chihuahuas and Long Coated Chihuahuas matings are allowed and if both parents are KC, all puppies can be KC registered. *** PLEASE NOTE: Currently this has to be done my the paper applications and so please bring a printed application for me to sign as you will need this to register then when they are born.

I'm happy for you to meet our stud/s before any mating takes place, so you can see for yourself what they are like; size and temperament ect.

You can stay for the mating or leave your girl with me until 2 ties takes place, which ever is most convenient for you. I will provide a conformation picture of the ties if you choose to leave her here. Board is at an additional fee.

Current Stud fee:

Sooty: £200 for two ties and £250 including board if required.

Free repeat mating on your girls next season in the unlikely event of no pregnancy (This must be used with the same bitch and stud combination) 

Ultrasound scanning and microchipping is available by me if your local. (Additional fee)

We are experienced breeders providing whelping advice throughout.

Please feel free to contact us for further details.

Located in a rural village called Benwick in Cambridgeshire

Sooty (Total Eclipse) 


Sooty has an amazing temperment, hes a very sweet natured little boy. Friendly towards all people, dogs, kids, and other animals. He often comes to work with me and has been around lots of people and dogs at events, so is highly socialised.


Sooty is very small weighing 1.9kg. He has been fully vet health checked, is fed a high quality diet with lots of exercise.


Well experienced stud and has produced several litters of pups. Sooty very keen and knows his job well. He’s very gentle with the girls.

Colours produced:

Black and white, Black tri colour, blue and white, choc tri, wolf sables, fawns, chocolate and white, lilac and white.


Sooty is correctly compact with good tailset , beautiful apple head, teeny short muzzle, correct round eyes, good bite, correct ear size and position.

Future Studs

Máni is our first Long coat pup born here. He is Chocolate and white and he was a singleton produced from Gem and Sooty. 

Tiano is a little “Sooty double” and is actually Sooty’s Nephew, born from his half sister Chyna.