When your away...

When your on holiday, away for work or personal circumstances, you want to ensure your pets are still going to get the 5* treatment you both expect. That's where we come in ... We offer both pet sitting (for animals in their own home) and home boarding (Small breed dogs only).

Pet sitting

Rodents, Reptiles, Rabbits/Ferrets, Cats, Dogs, Goats, Birds/Poultry and more.

If your going away for a short period of time and need your pets looked after in their own home/garden/field, we are more than happy to come in and care for them. We will clean their housing, feed and water, bath, exercise, play and fuss them. We are happy administer medications or home remedies that your pet need.

We will soon be updating this section with guild line prices, Images, T&C's, along other information.

Please feel free to contact us in the meantime get in touch with any questions you may have.

Home Boarding

These service will be available very soon.

We are in the process of sorting Licencing with the local authorities.

We are not quite ready to launch these service to the public yet.

To start with we will only be offering these services to dogs but we may add different species later on.

We will soon be updating this section with starter prices, Images of where your dog will stay, T&C's, along other information.

Please feel free to contact us in the meantime if your looking to book in advance.


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Kim Bird - 5 stars

I can’t recommend the Minney services enough. They are a dedicated, genuine family, who endeavour to meet every need of myself and my dog. I have a 17 year old boy who stayed with the Minney family whilst I went away. The only other person I’ve ever left him with, is my mum. The Minneys administered his medication, set his bed out exactly how he’d preferred (he’s picky in his old age), and sent constant updates about him. I actually enjoyed my first proper holiday, in around 10 years! The Minneys even bathed him for me (without me asking) and delivered him (I asked for this extra service). I know exactly where all mine are going from now on. I can’t thank the Minneys enough! They’re animal mad and have their heart and soles invested into whatever they do. Thank you, Minneys K9 services!!!! Xxx

Tynne Wells

A amazing friend, who at the drop of a hat has my girls whenever I go away, my girls absolutely adore her and go mad when they see her, which in itself speaks volumes about the way they get treated when they are in her care. I’m so fussy and worry so much about leaving my babies but after the first time I left them with Kira last year, the worry was over.